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23 décembre 2009 3 23 /12 /décembre /2009 11:10

Astronauta irwin fratello in Cristo

James Irwin


 The autographed picture of the astronaut that I have had the pleasure to meet as a brother in faith in Jesus Christ with his wife is very precious to me.  

        Colonel Irwin is the 8th man to walk on the moon during the Appolo 15 mission, that took place betwwen July 26th and August 7th, 1971. He was the pilot of the lunar spaceship.  

         While Col.  Al  Worden was gravitating around the moon abord the spaceship, Irwin and Col.  Dave  Scott, directing the mission,  took over 80 kg of rocks, including the famous "Genesis" rock. Irwin declared: “I am now more than a simple earthling, on the moon I met God ”. 

         He left the Army to dedicate all his life to preaching the gospel in Jesus Christ. He died in Glenwood during a conference about faith in Christ. He was 61. 

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